creating a european future school

italian exterior design


The Star

Our Institute had the task of projecting a star-shaped school complex:thatís because the star represents the countries  belonging to the European Union.

The construction has a glass dome on top which is the focus of the whole bulding, both because itís the main entrance and because itís the studentsí meeting point during the breaks,too.

In the bulding there are 25 classrooms plus labs and special rooms. The space has been organised according to them.

The star is a three-storey building and itís made up of 5 wings, 4 of them are stretched out, while the fifth  is round-shaped. Every wing has its own function: the first is characterized by the classrooms and the teachersí room on each floor. In the second one thereís the auditorium. The third one has got the school canteen and some classrooms. In the fourth one thereís the library, the school offices and special rooms.

Outside  the building the green areas have been designed, as well as a theatre, a gym, a swimming pool, 2 football grounds, 4 tennis courts and big car park.

The arrangement may be different from batch to batch. The presence of the main building which is separated form the others,  allows flexibility in the distribution of space.


According to the climatic areas, if the schools are built in Southern Europe rather than in the Norther, we will adapt the fitting and orientation.

The total area, of ​​about  90638m2, is located in the suburbs in order to ensure easy access to the  public transport.


School Organization


The school is made up of four buildings and a dome for the entrance. The buildings are linked by a gallery. Each one has 3 floors. Each floor  has an area which is smaller and smaller as you go up. The building has a large glazing facade.



In every building there are stairs and an elevetor, large corridors including areas for relax, teachersí and studentsí rooms and bathrooms.

In N.1, N.2 and N.3 buildings, there are services, open to the public, too, they are: auditorium, library and canteen. The volume of the auditorium goes up to the first and second floor. In this building we also find the interior services, they are: Head-masterís office, Infirmary and Lodge and Offices. In N.4 there are 6 classrooms and in N.3 there are two classrooms, for everyday lessons.

In N.2, N.3 and N.4 buildings there are six classrooms each, and in N.1 there are two classrooms near the auditorium.


On the last floor we find all the labs. In N.2 there are four science labs (physics, chemistry, biology, earth science). In N.3 there are four computers labs ( cad room, foreign lab). In N.4 there are four art labs (music, artistic drawing and technical drawing). In N.1 there are two classrooms near the auditorium.

Gym and Sports Field

The sport facilities consist of 2 gyms sharing 4 changing rooms (2 for females, 2 for males). Each gym is composed of a basketball court that can be used also for other sports: each of them is surrounded by right and left stands.

The entrances  are north and south of the building. The reception is in the south entrance hall . Next to the main building thereís  a storeroom for tools. Locker rooms are equipped with showers, bathrooms and benches.

Total building area= 4723.35 m2

gym area on the right= 1924.76 m2

gym area on the left +storeroom= 1838.38 m2 + 346.51 m2=02184.89 m2

Reception area= 64.74 m2

Office area= 68.40 m2

  • From 8.00 a.m. to 16.00 Ť school activities
  • From 16.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m. Ť extracurricular activities
  • From 20.00 p.m. to 22.00 p.m. Ť extra school activities



Sports fields Ť 2 soccer fields + 4 tennis courts

Main structure made of steel pillars

External prefab insulated panels

Stripped windows (opaque glasse)


Voulted roof

Totally laminated wooden made.



Swimming Pool

In our swimming pool the roof can be opened and the glazing panels are movable so that the swimming pool can become outdoor.

The entrance includes the porterís lodge where you can enrol  on a corse if you arenít students or member of the school staff,  the bar and the administration offices.




The changing rooms, both for men and women, are separated. Every changing room, warm and cozy, is divided into three parts, a locker room where you can get dressed, equipped with a lot of lockers where you can put your personal effects, a shower room and a bathroom.

The swimming pool consists of  one olympic pool, a diving pool and a free pool for the paying public and the common people. There are two stands on both sides  of the swimming pool.

Morning Ťclosed

From 16.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m. Ť extracurricular activities

Sunday also open to the public



The library is not only for the students, but itís also open to the public, for this reason there is another entrance leading directly to the library.

In the library there are are tables to study and to read, bookshelves and computers to surf the net.

Opening hours: 

         From 8.00 a.m. to 14.00 p.m.

         From 15.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m.



School Canteen

The school canteen is situated in the star-shaped building near the library, tiís on two floors: on the first floor there is a kitchen, two  wc, the changing room for the staff and many tables.

On the second floor there is a cafŤ and many tables, too. The staircase is shared by the library.

From 13.00 p.m. to 15.00 p.m. Ťopen

There are different  menus (vegetarian and other special menus).



The auditorium is integrated in the school building and it can be reached from the school corridor or from the outside.

The auditorium consists in two levels with 400 seats. There is a large stage which can be used for conferences, presentation and film projections. There is a high quality audio/video system and technical rooms. The armachairs are very comfortable and useful.

Besides there is a bathroom for the public, including services for disables.

         Removable bleachers

         Various uses

         Open on request


o   Steel pillars

o   External glass enveloped

o   Acoustic panels

o   Steel beams for larger spaces

o   Fitted carpet on the floor 



We thought that one of the things in the school of the future cuoldnít miss was a theatre. We made sure that the shape of the the theatre was similar to that of the school.

On the roof of the theatre there is a window that lets the light in and  thereís  a special system of mirror to bounce it and spread evenly throughout the dome of the theatre.

The theatre is also open to the public and it is located near the school to accommodate all the students and teachers. There are 777 seats.



The school may be placed in three different places. Each of these places has a different climate and different vegetation. In northern Europe conifers and birches can be planted, in continental Europe oaks, elms, maples, beech, ash can be used, in southern  Europe maple, ash, elm, olivetrees, aoks can be used. In the school there are green areas with flower beds with different types of flower.

In the school there are also two large indoor and outdoor parking areas, with trees that provide shade.

European Regulations

Each European state  must take into consideration  the Eurocodes issued by the European Community. We will take Eurocodes 0 and 1, dealing with designing and the strength on structures;  those Eurocodes are the rules each state has to consider when making laws regarding the building construction.

As for the Eurocode 0: ďEverything which is projected and built must follow European criteria.Ē Therefore, materials, construction criteria and everything that has been and will have to be done, must be included in the evaluation report, , for the realization of the building. The Eurocode 1 modified the design about snow and wind. As for the  snow,  Italians have a new classification for climatic areas: Italy has been divided  into three zones , according to snowfalls per year.

As for the wind, buildings mustnít be rectangular-shaped, but they are supposed to be curve-shaped, like our school roof.

Eurocodes have been taken into consideration even for projecting sanitary conveniences in our school.

These are the main characteristics.

-          1 WC per class, plus some extra conveniences

-          WC rooms must be directly enlighted and ventilated

-          WC must be protected from direct sunrays through frosted glasses

-          WC must have outward opening doors with lifting off hinges, and provided with closing furniture


And for the disabled baths main features are:

-          Washbasins appointed in the wall

-          Grab rails  to facilitate transfer between the WC and the wheelchair

-          Emergency assistance alarm system with long string




The exhibition aims to show the working process as well as the final products. It was a long way and a hard work up to this moment. But we all really enjoyed our projet and we hope you will...


creating a european future school