creating a european future school

Project description

Six schools from all around Europe are taking part in the COMENIUS project "Creating a european futur school".

The basic idea of this project was to found a consulting enterprise which treats to create a concept of a modern futur school. Responding to the analysis of the different domains (Energy, E-system, Interior and Exterior Design and School Life) expert groups at each school were founded. These departments were cooperating with the experts from the other schools. Their task was to find the best solution for each school.

The first meeting in Parma (Italy) was organised in order to give the pupils the oppurtunity to exchange about the needs of every school. The multinational departements had to work out proposals - including the know-how of experts - in each domain till the next meeting.

The proposals for each single school had to be prepared and presented during the second meetin in Dej (Romania). This meeting was meant to be a architectual competition - which forced all pupils to give their best in order to get the most voices. The best proposal was chosen in a democratic way.

The final models and plans were prepared by the schools which won the competition in the concerned domain.

The second year of our project was dedicated to the theoretical and practical elaboration of the final products. The meeting in Madrid (Spain) was the platform to present the drafts of each school. The other participants were allowed to comment the plans in order to give the realising team the opportunity to improve it. The final step was to build the models and plans that are exposed right here.


The exhibition aims to show the working process as well as the final products. It was a long way and a hard work up to this moment. But we all really enjoyed our projet and we hope you will...


creating a european future school