creating a european future school

School Life

In this department there have been a lot of changes since we started the project two years ago. First there were five international groups of each department: Romanian, German, Spanish, Italian and Turkish. Our first meeting was in Parma, Italy and we developed different ideas about school life and financial aspects.

In the time between Parma and the next trip, each international group did their presentations and in Romania we chose the best. In school life, the Italian presentation won. Then each country made a wish list with the ideas that they wanted to include in the final presentation. And in Madrid we included the wishes in the project. We divided ourselves in groups of nationalities and the teachers gave School Life to the Spanish team.

(Link to see the Italian presentation)

 For Germany we had to prepare posters with our final work. The Spanish team divided School Life in different sections to work in a better way. We used the Italian presentation with the wishes as a guide to develop it.


We divided School Life in:

Organisation of School Life (+Financial aspects)

This department inside the School Life department is formed by other five components:

-Schedule/Timetable: this part works with the timetable that the students will have depending on the itinerary they choose.

-Financial aspects: how the school is financed and who does it.

-Subjects: the different subjects that the students have. There are two different courses and some optional subjects.

-Type of school: here is where we worked on the “Students’ Council” that the students use for voting decisions. Also, in this part is the hierarchy of the teachers.

-Evaluation sheets: here there are the guidelines that show how the student’s progress is.

School spaces

In their winning presentation, the Italians divided the school in different spaces. Some of the best moments at school happen in these places. In the auditorium, when students and teachers are in meetings. In the galleries, with all the exhibitions. In the library, preparing assignments and projects. In the swimming pool, having fun all together. In the sports fields, playing different sports, always with honesty. In the gym, watching the competitions and cheering the teams with the mascot of the school. And in the canteen, eating the fabulous food. We love these moments!!!!!


Activities and Extra-curricular activities

In our European future school there are a lot of different activities and extra-curricular activities. So we included in our poster some of the most important like volunteer work, which teaches us how to be active members of our community.  We go on excursions in our country to learn about our own history and culture.  We also organize festivals and we work together with other European schools so that we can learn to appreciate other languages and cultures and become more responsible citizens of the European Union. 



In communication we included a radio and a newspaper of the school. The radio is about things that students and teachers like.  A variety of programmes are broadcast, such as music programmes, breaking news and interviews with teachers. This radio can be heard from Monday to Friday at break time, at lunchtime and in the evenings.  There will also be a late-night programme for students who can’t sleep.  The newspaper is published every week and it’s written by the journalism subject group.  Students can send their articles to our team for publishing.  In the newspaper you can read about what is happening at our school and there are articles that students and teacher will find interesting.  With our Virtual Campus and Videoconferencing, we always know what is going on in class.  And we also have our own social network where we can stay in contact with our school friends and our European friends.  With this section we try to inform the students about all the things of the school and other activities. 


We have worked as best as possible and we have tried to do our best. We are looking forward to going to Germany to display our work and see the rest of the project. We are thrilled that our work is going to be in the European Parliament! We have had fun during the whole project because it was an incredible opportunity to learn English and meet new people. It has been an amazing experience that we will never forget.


creating a european future school