creating a european future school


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“Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity”.

(The Schuman Declaration, 9th May 1950)

It’s been a hard but rewarding job. At the very beginning the students were in trouble, but they learnt how to communicate and cooperate, to exchange views about what to do and not to do.

Europe is a mix of cultures, and their own national point of view can’t be helpful for young people in facing a job situation which is nowadays presented to them.

It’s important for them to enrich their knowledge and competences with direct experience, not to limit themselves to the offers given by the media and the internet only. Getting in touch with different realities must become a habit, acquired since they were young, to keep up with the times of globalization.

From this point of view, our partecipation to Comenius Project has been a great opportunity for us all!




Constantin Brancusi high-school is a technological high-school which provides training for its students in technical and economical fields. The school offers professional qualifications adapted to the economical specificity of the region, and has a good name concerning the educational training in the entire region. The knowledge that our students are achieving still keep an accent on the theoretical fields and even if a good part of them choose engineer’s university’s, still an important number of students complete their education in theoretical universities. The main professional qualifications in the economical field are technician in economical activities and technician in the administrative field. In the technical field, the main professional qualifications are CAD designer technician and Construction drawing technician. The curriculum is well structured so that to ensure a good training in these fields.


Secondary School for building surveyor Itg camillo rondani


Technical Institute for Building Surveyor Camillo Rondani is located in an agricultural and industrial area with good socio-economic conditions. It´s the only school in the city to deal with building construction; the students come both from the city and from neighbouring villages and towns and belong mainly to middle class. Some of the students are immigrants that should be integrated into European society by getting a better education project like this could be the most suitable to develop our students´ specific skills and their competence in building surveying will be helpful, as well.


COlegio nuestra senora del buen consejo


Our school is a Catholic school run by nuns of the Franciscan order.  We have recently become  involved in the BEDA program, whose objective it is to implement bilingual education in participating schools. We have increased the number of hours of English that the students receive and this year several teachers are preparing to take special government exams which will enable them to teach their subjects in English (CLIL).

We have students from different social and economic backgrounds, and the nuns take special care to ensure that the students from lower income families receive the same opportunities as the other students. 


huseyin yalcin capan lisesi


We are a school in Nizip/Gaziantep which is located on South-eastern Anatolia Region. Our school is new but it is a fully equipped one. Our classes are full of computer and projectors We have 15 classes .We have education in two parts .One is before noon Other is after noon. We teach English, Turkish, Maths, Social Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, Physical Education e.t.c. We have about 750 students(12-18 age) totally.

We as a school take part in many social activities like mini concerts  folk dance nights, small trips to historical places and natural places. We have about 25 teachers in many branches. Our students prepare also exhibitions in art and food. it is one the most preferred school in our town . Also, we have courses which are organised by Public Education Centre from 3 pm. to 5 pm about chess, badminton , volleyball,  basketball and football and finally singing and playing instruments. We are a school which organizes so many social activities not only in our school but also in our town.




We are a school with a European profile. Robert Schuman, after whom our school is named, formed the idea of Europe, while working for the German - French reconciliation. The name of our school shows how deep the European idea is integrated into our educational work.

creating a european future school